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Jumbo Examples

Here are a few examples of Jumbo code. These are from our internal testing, which is focused more on speed than on practical use at the moment. If you have made use of Jumbo and are willing to share the results, let us know.

The examples below are the Jumbo versions of those in "Routine Run-time Code Generation".

Papers implemented in Jumbo

Line fitting
This paper by Hardwick and Sipelstein shows an example of NESL code used to find the best fit of a line to a set of points. As an example of how Jumbo can perform unusual optimizations, we implemented a version that performs loop fusion.

Traits by Scharli, Ducasse, Nierstrasz, and Black

This is a classic RTPG example which generates a specialized exponent function.

Two Level Staging
This example illustrates how to generate code generators.
The operation that's being done is the dot product of two vectors. The first stage generates a special class which fixes the length of the vectors; the second stage generates another class which is further specialized to a given vector.

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